Auto Body & Collision Repair

We at AutoStar offer high quality auto body repairs in a clean environment with state-of-the-art equipment for optimal customer satisfaction. We also offer towing assistance, expert color matching, pick-up and delivery of vehicles and a nationwide warranty for most auto repairs. Our team of technicians work on all makes and models of vehicles and are updated with the latest vehicle technologies and materials by participating in continuous education programs.

Class A Repairs

We handle all the auto repair detailing work that involves filing insurance claims as we work and coordinate repairs with all major insurance companies. We also give you a customized repair plan befitting your vehicle.

Elective Repairs

We know that cost is a major factor while paying for repairs. Our experts thus analyze your repair plan and recommend money saving options without sacrificing the safety and structure of repair.

Our auto body repair process starts with a car assessment where we assess the damage and based on cost-effectiveness; recommend repair or replacement of damaged parts. We also make the most cost effective repairs to retain the vehicle’s original equipment.

All It Takes Is About 15 Minutes

Our team of AutoStar expert technicians help with all your collision needs ranging from small fender benders to major accidents by starting with a 15 minutes free estimate. This personalized estimate includes the body work, parts, supplies, repairs and painting work required to quickly get you back on the road; no matter if you pay for repairs or file with for insurance.

So schedule an easy appointment with AutoStar today for a free, affordable and reliable estimate.

Removal or Replacement of Parts

We have three replacement parts levels for you to choose based on your budget. OEM parts are the highest, but are originals and match your vehicle the best. After market parts are more affordable options that may not come from your vehicle’s manufacturer. Recycled parts are most cost-effective and come from cars that are not ‘road ready’ but are safe and functional.

Spot Painting

Spot painting may be perfect and the most cost effective option if your car needs only a touch up with only one or two panels painted. While the areas needing repair are targeted, adjacent panels are chemically cleaned and block sanded to give a flawless painting surface. We then give an accurate ‘blend’ to the new and old car paint through a multiple masking process.


We at AutoStar are perfectionists at our job and thus don’t let dust, lint or dirt stand in the way of our repair jobs. We end repair jobs with standard finishing by sanding, buffing and polishing away these imperfections to make the spot painting process look good as new.


We at AutoStar aim at keeping repairs affordable. We work with major insurance carriers so and if you are making a claim through your insurance company, we will coordinate the appointment for your car inspection with the involved insurance companies and even find you a temporary rental car.

We deliver certified bodywork and painting using original manufacturer parts, precision assembly and factory specs to expertly rebuild your car to look and drive like before the accident.

Why AutoStar?

We at AutoStar are reliable and affordable at our body repair services. We have a huge network giving us unparalleled buying power of best quality parts and paints for your collision repair or paint job at a low price.

Lifetime Warranty

Our AutoStar lifetime warranty on structural repairs means that all materials used to repair structural panels are warranted for as long as you are the vehicle owner.