Vehicle Detailing & Car Wash

Proper maintenance helps keep your car clean but unfortunately, most people in today’s fast world don’t have the time to periodically clean their vehicles.

Clean Inside & Out

This is where we come in to help. We at AutoStar can help give your vehicle a fresh look to make it look just like it’s a brand new vehicle. Yes, we at AutoStar have the team and expertise to provide your vehicle with expert detailing services. Our auto detailing services will make your vehicle eventually look like it’s brand new.

More Than Just Detailing

We take care to not only give your interiors a thorough cleaning, but we also repair any torn upholstery and repair any worn out floor mats in the car. In addition to this, we also give a thorough exterior update to your vehicle, which includes removal of all its scratches so that its factory finish is restored.

Our team of repair experts at AutoStar are always ready to help fulfill all your auto detailing needs. We believe that periodic detailing helps prevent your car’s deterioration and any aging effects. Our auto detailing services can be compared to the treatment doctors give to treat and prevent illnesses… well maybe that’s a stretch 🙂 Our services, will however, help you keep your asset looking great all year round.