Car Repair & Diagnosis

Under the hood, your car or truck is a complicated combination of technology. Multiple components are fitted, and these must all work together to propel your vehicle. Making sure everything is working fine by having the vehicle serviced regularly will ensure your vehicle will enjoy a long life.

Another vital function that is addressed during regular servicing is ensuring that the vehicle is roadworthy. This is not just a matter of ensuring you get a comfortable ride. It is also about making sure the vehicle is not a danger to your or other road users.

However, it is important that you make sure only properly trained mechanics get to work on your vehicle’s maintenance. Milwaukee residents can get the best possible service from the professionals at AutoStar. All the people at AutoStar are experienced, trained to the highest standards, and are dedicated to providing the most professional service possible.

AutoStar has the skills and expertise to work on all makes and models of vehicles, including all domestic and foreign brands. Whether you bring your vehicle for a regular service or because it needs some repairs, our skilled personnel will carry out a comprehensive 28-point check to make sure there are no hidden problems.

Our 28-Point Check Includes:

Brakes: Brake system components wear out over time. If they are not replaced, they render a vehicle dangerous as their performance will deteriorate. They may even fail completely. The rate of brake system deterioration varies depending on many different factors. These include amount of use and general driving conditions. In Milwaukee, conditions can be tough on brakes, so it is important to check them regularly.

Tune-Ups: Your vehicle will run more efficiently when key systems like ignition, fuel, emission and the computer all work in harmony. A tune-up will ensure that all these systems are working properly. Not only does this make your vehicle run more smoothly, it can also reduce fuel consumption, saving you money.

Emission System Maintenance: The emission system plays a crucial role in reducing the quantity of pollutants released into the atmosphere. There are strict standards in place to control the emissions. These not only benefit the environment, they also help make sure your vehicle runs more smoothly. At AutoStar, we are experienced at repairing and maintaining all parts of the emission system, including oxygen sensors, catalytic converters, air injection pumps, and evaporative emission controls.

Tires: You can save money and enjoy safer driving by having the correct tires fitted, properly maintaining them, and making sure they are replaced when necessary.

Among the services and repairs we offer are:

– Scheduled Maintenance
– Diagnose & Repair Check Engine Lights
– Brakes
– Emission System Repairs
– Fuel Injection Cleaning
– Timing Belts
– Starters
– Alternators
– Batteries
– Water Pumps
– Heating System
– Wheel Balance
– Suspension
– U-joints
– Drive Axles
– Antilock Brakes (ABS)
– Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)
– Tire Repair
– Wheel Bearings
– Radiators
– Air Conditioning
– Exhaust System & Mufflers
– Catalytic Converters
– Transmission Service
– Power Windows & Doors
– Belts & Hoses
– Oil Change
– Steering
– Tune-up
– Repair Rattles, Squeaks & Other Noises

AutoStar provides excellent service to all our valued customers. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.