Commercial Fleet Maintence

When it comes to maintaining fleets, we at AutoStar have the competence and equipment to handle a fleet of any size. Whether you have a fleet of pizza delivery vehicles or a power company fleet of vehicles that need maintaining, we can handle it.

Experienced, Well-Trained Staff

We not only promise efficient services, but we do it at a low cost with a high quality level of repair. We can achieve all this because of the expertly trained and knowledgeable staff we have on board to take care of the maintenance of all types of vehicles.

When you hand over your fleet of vehicles to us, we at AutoStar return it to you while maintaining its overall value. We know the importance of time to your company, which is why we aim to get your vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible.

We can handle a large bevy of fleet customers in industries such as:

  • Cable Companies
  • Corporate fleet programs
  • Phone companies
  • All types of government vehicles
  • Insurance companies
  • Police and fire departments
  • Sales company fleet
  • Gas and electric companies
  • Car rental companies

Accident Management

An accident happens unexpectedly but we make sure we keep your costs down and work at getting your vehicles back on the road as soon as you expect them to be ready!

We at AutoStar make it our goal to repair all the collision damage on fleet vehicles as quickly as possible in the hope of minimizing your lost revenue.

We specialize in services fleet vehicles in multiple industries including food and beverage companies, government and municipal agencies, national retailers, telecommunications providers, car rental and leasing companies, overnight delivery services and much more.

We Stand Behind Our Work

We at AutoStar take pride in saying that we always stand behind our work and put 100% of our efforts and skills into offering our customers these advantages:

  • Client control of claims process
  • Complete collision and spot repair
  • Direct access of OEM and aftermarket parts
  • Cost control
  • DRP relationships with the more important insurance companies

By entrusting your fleet to us with your accident management work, we at AutoStar save you money and you have the convenience of having all your collision needs taken care of at one source in a single bill and after making a single phone call.